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Reference publications to cite the Paparazzi UAV system

Gautier Hattenberger, Murat Bronz, Michel Gorraz. Using the Paparazzi UAV System for Scientific Research. IMAV 2014, International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition 2014, Aug 2014, Delft, Netherlands. pp 247-252. ⟨hal-01059642⟩

Pascal Brisset, Antoine Drouin, Michel Gorraz, Pierre-Selim Huard, Jeremy Tyler. The Paparazzi Solution. MAV 2006, 2nd US-European Competition and Workshop on Micro Air Vehicles, Oct 2006, Sandestin, United States. ⟨hal-01004157⟩

Publications by years

Relevant publications from Enac researchers using the facilities of the Drone platform or the Paparazzi system by period: